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Our approach to winemaking is one of precision and style. Simple in theory, yet challenging in practice, we strive for the perfect balance of elegance and soulfulness. Head winemaker Megan Baccitich guides the process from grape to glass, producing wines that both reflect her vision and capture the essence of the vineyard.

estate vineyard

Planted around ten years ago, our 24-acre estate vineyard is exclusively planted to Pinot Noir (five clones – 115, 667, 777, 828 and Pommard 4). Ideally situated at the north-east end of the Petaluma Gap, the climate is ideal for this variety.

The estate experiences moderate daytime temperatures, even by Sonoma Coast AVA standards, allowing for prolonged hang-time (for phenolic maturity) while maintaining fresh pulp (for balanced acidity). During the growing season, the average summertime diurnal shift (difference from the day’s high and low temperatures) is 30-degrees. A blanket of fog settles over the vineyard most nights during the growing season, bringing welcome cool air and moisture. Refreshing breezes during the day, chase away the fog and dry the area, limiting fungal pressures. This cool wind also leads to thick skins in the grapes, meaning more color and structure for the wines.

Outcroppings of basalt on the estate, which were once quarried for the streets of San Francisco, and sandy/gravelly clay provide for good soil diversity and water retention.

steiner vineyard

Originally planted in the early 1970’s by pioneer Dave Steiner, this world-class vineyard site atop Sonoma Mountain was replanted in 2005 by the Belden family.

With an elevation of 1,000 feet and cool climatic conditions, the site is ideal for varieties such as Chardonnay. Situated west of the Santa Rosa Plain, it is directly in the path of the pacific marine air migrating inland via the Petaluma Gap.  This Marine influence results in cool winds on summer days, and a fog that can start in the early evening and linger late into the next day’s morning.

The intensity of sun at this higher elevation tends to result in thicker grape skins, imparting a special degree of intensity, complexity, and texture.

richard dinner vineyard

The Richard Dinner Vineyard Chardonnay intrinsically epitomizes the house style of Ron Noble Wines. Chardonnay is known by Winemakers to be versatile and this site requires expertise and finesse to balance the density, structure and acidity of this wine. Our winemaker started working with this iconic block of Old Wente Chardonnay in 2006 while at Paul Hobbs Winery. This block is perched at 820 feet on the Northern slope of Sonoma Mountain. Volcanic soils, vine age (1994), cooling fog from San Pablo Bay, and consistent farming are among the reasons it is considered a unique and Gran Cru site in Sonoma County.

sage ridge vineyard

An iconic estate perched on a mountain on the Eastern side of Napa Valley. Overlooking Pritchard Hill and Lake Hennessey, the vineyard blocks of this dynamic property resemble patchwork, and each section is unique. The diversity of the soils, and that there are sedimentary soils present, may have been what appealed to legendary Winemaker Judy Jordan (also a Stanford-trained Geologist) when she purchased the estate. The 900-1400 feet elevation of the site dictates many of the qualities of the resulting wines. Low yielding vines produce intense flavors and concentration, increased UV light exposure and good air flow provide for optimal phenolic ripening and a prolonged growing season, both of which influence tannin structure. With Judy’s stewardship of the land and dedication to precision farming, Sage Ridge Vineyard is definitely a name to watch!


Classically trained with strong technical expertise, our winemaker Megan Baccitich applies old-world techniques and new-world science to craft the wines of Ron Noble. She has a remarkable ability to sniff out the best vineyard sites for their potential to make great wines, which is why she ended up at Ron Noble Wines. She bases all of her decisions on quality with no compromises. Patience and a willingness to take risks, leads to wines that express their site and her vision. She’s very demanding of the vineyard resources, requiring perfect precision. With her guiding hand, Ron Noble Wines have a perfect balance of structure and balance, with a silky texture.